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Issue 53

Issue 53 »

In the new Sorted, sizzling, summer edition:

Big name interviews with:

Formula One ace, Lewis Hamilton, on faith in the fast lane FBI’s most-wanted,

The Road to Westminster

The Road to Westminster »

Alan Mak MP, one of Parliament’s newest faces, describes his journey from his parents’ shop to the House of Commons, and the role

Most wanted

Most wanted »

By Samantha Rea

Cody Huff took marijuana at the age of 12 and spent 40 years of his life selling and using drugs,

Chasing the Great White

Chasing the Great White »

On skis through the Hardangervidda

By Corinna Leenen

Setting the scene

Outside the tent lies the Hardangervidda plateau – miles and miles of

Banking for the Kingdom

Banking for the Kingdom »

Banks don’t always have a good reputation. They have been seen as greedy organisations that are sometimes accused of mis-selling products. So, isn’t

Britain’s next tennis star

Britain’s next tennis star »

Great Britain’s first victory in the Davis Cup (men’s team tennis) for 79 years was without question one of the sporting highlights of

God Speed

God Speed »

He is the working class lad from Stevenage who rose through the racing ranks to become Formula One World Champion three times (and

The Secret of Inner Strength

The Secret of Inner Strength »

Resilience has become a big think of late, with researchers exploring what helps us bounce back after physical, emotional or spiritual trauma. After

Running for Fun

Running for Fun »

The Men’s 100 metres in Rio is one eagerly awaited race. The 2015 World Championship Final set the scene beautifully. That race was