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Sorted has been voted the UK’s most wholesome men’s magazine.

Launched in 2007, each bi-monthly edition is packed full of celebrity interviews, entertainment, gadgets, music, movies, grooming, fashion, football and a whole lot more.

Printed on improved cover and paper stock with a premium feel, Sorted is one of the country’s fastest growing new titles, Sorted is the home of some of the world’s biggest celebrities. Icons such as Bear Grylls, Will Smith, Sylvester Stallone and Jeff Bridges have graced its pages in recent issues.

There’s no doubt about it, you need to get Sorted.
Sorted Magazine Visual Issue 70

Bear GryllsThe UK’s most wholesome men’s magazine
“Down to earth, real, ‘un-religious’ – that’s why Sorted has helped my Christian faith so much!”

Bear Grylls


Jeremy Vine – BBC Television and Radio PresenterA new and dynamic magazine for men
“I am constantly trying to work out my place in the universe. Sorted is helping.”

Jeremy Vine – BBC Television and Radio Presenter

Sorted is a 100 page A4 glossy bi-monthly, retailing at £5.00 an issue, or from just £21.00 for a years subscription with huge savings for larger orders. We hope men/churches/men’s groups would buy copies in quantity and give them away; leave them at work, at doctors’ and dentists’ surgeries, on the bus, and get them into prisons. We are delighted to offer a bumper box of 40 magazines for just £60 inclusive.

Are you Sorted yet?


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