Ex-man Watson calls time on politics
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Ex-man Watson calls time on politics

Ex-man Watson calls time on politics

Former Labour Party deputy leader, Tom Watson, walked away from politics after the 2019 general election defeat and admits he couldn't be happier to have done so.

With that lost election behind him and COVID on the way in, he told the latest edition of Sorted: “I've never been more relieved that I left politics when I did.”

The unraveling crisis has demonstrated Watson’s point that it is “virtually impossible for a public policymaker to make the right calls on a fast moving situation like the spread of a global pandemic.”

Now well into a new career as an author, he said: “[The government are] making huge calls that impact of millions of people's lives and cost the taxpayer billions.”

As a former member of the subcommittee that dealt with Avian Flu, he has personal experience of the issues involved in fighting a crisis such as the one the UK is currently attempting to combat, and he added: “I realise how making those early decisions can have a dramatic impact on the number of cases that develop.

“Not having a track and trace system in place earlier has slowed our ability to be resilient and personally I'd have probably involved public health bodies and local authorities more in the development of it.”

That won't happen now as one of the Labour Party’s most popular figures of recent years has no intention of returning to the corridors of national power, explaining: “There's nothing more ex than an ex-MP. I've given 30 years to the Labour Party and public life, and you've got to know when to go.”

●       You can read Tom Watson’s full interview in the latest edition of Sorted, which is available now in newsagents throughout the UK.