Facebook’s Zuckerberg finds faith
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Facebook’s Zuckerberg finds faith

Facebook’s Zuckerberg finds faith

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and top man at Facebook, has revealed he has become “more religious” in recent years.

The creator of the world’s most popular social media network made his confession this month, when he admitted: “The last few years have been really humbling for me. I've become more religious.”

Zuckerberg and Facebook have faced government investigations in the US and UK in recent months over the way potentially harmful material can be easily published on the network – without it being approved or verified. 

Not wishing to get bogged down in this debate, Zuckerberg declared it was important to believe in something ‘bigger than ourselves’, his family would always be more important to him than his work – and “you have to believe in things that are bigger than yourself”.

Speaking to a local US media outlet, Zuckerberg added: “We all need to feel like we're part of things that are bigger than ourselves. I try to put my girls to bed every night; I don't always get to do that but that's important to me.”

And while talking directly to a Facebook user, who had asked if he was still an atheist, Zuckerberg admitted his views have changed significantly.