Our Top 10 festive foods
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Our Top 10 festive foods

Our Top 10 festive foods

If you and your family are anything like the gang at Sorted, you are not going to let what is happening in the world right ruin your Christmas.

We are all unapologetic foodies, and we love to tuck-in to as much Turkey and as many sprouts as our stomach will allow. And we’re confident some good Christmas grub will put a smile on our faces.

But, being helpful souls, we thought we might share our thoughts on what the best nosh will be this Christmas, so you can have as much merriment as possible. So here is our festive top 10 of the best things to get your gnashers into during the next couple of weeks.

1.      Turkey… still the staple food at Yuletide, and quite rightly so in our opinion. We love having leftovers – because it makes a fabulous curry on Boxing Day.

2.      Chicken Wellington… a great alternative to Turkey on Christmas day. Made just like its beefy big brother, and something different and impressive for the dinner table.

3.      Battenburg Cake… something special for any marzipan devotee. Quite rightly a solid performer in the top three, in our humble opinion.

4.      Sprouts… these much-maligned fellas need your support. They’re versatile, and they taste great deep-fried. If you don’t believe us, just ask any self-respecting Glaswegian.

5.      Bacon and Egg sandwich… the perfect way to start off proceedings on the big day itself – and the aroma from the cooker ensures everyone in the house rises early.

6.      Cauliflower Cheese… the perfect accompaniment to any main course. It goes with anything, tastes delicious (but make sure you use good quality Cheddar Cheese) and is easy to make.

7.      Roast leg of Pork… we are feeling hungry just thinking about it, and a fight is on the verge of breaking out over who gets the crackling. Make sure you make plenty of stuffing to go round – and have some sweet-tasting apple sauce at hand.

8.      Nut roast… perfect for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. This is a wonderfully tasty dish that will quickly be polished off, particularly if the greedy boys are in town.

9.      Sherry Trifle… no excuses, this has got to be on the table as one of your Christmas Day desserts, even if it is only for the benefit of Auntie Enid.

10.  Apple Strudel and homemade custard… as soon as it comes out of the oven, you’ll be singing Edelweiss and reaching for your nearest copy of the fairytales of Hans Christian Andersen. And you’ll also be after second helpings (don’t deny it).