Our top 10 films for Christmas
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Our top 10 films for Christmas

Our top 10 films for Christmas

It’s one of those subjects that is highly, err, subjective – yet can have us debating the pros and cons for hours. Yes, it’s time to run through Sorted’s favourite Christmas films of all time…

We make no apologies for listing this films in their positions, and we are sure you’ll have a view, good or bad, with our selection. So here goes…

1.      The Muppet Christmas Carol… this is a festive frolic you simply cannot beat, and we promise you’ll be chuckling away from start to finish. Guaranteed.

2.      Die Hard… Bruce Willis encounters a ruthless villain in Jeremy Irons and has a city to save. How could you not have this in your top two favourite films of all time, let alone Christmas?

3.      A Christmas Carol… the vintage Charles Dickens novel that has brought the tale of Scrooge into the lives of us all. An unmissable classic.

4.      It’s A Wonderful Life… James Stewart stars in his finest film, one some commentators believe is the greatest Christmas flick of all time. We beg to differ. But it’s a cracker nonetheless.

5.      Gremlins… beware strange alien things with pointed ears that can wreck your lives. They’re little devils in this take of young Billy who doesn’t do as he is supposed to, with big consequences.

6.      Love Actually… Okay, so who thinks Hugh Grant would make a better Prime Minister than Bo Jo? Answers on a postcard, please. In the meantime, get on to Sky or Netflix and watch the Four Weddings star give a statesman-like performance in Richard Curtis’s festive favourite.

7.      The Nightmare Before Christmas… Tim Burton and Catherine O’Hara star in this hoot of a tale as Santa Claus is abducted.

8.      White Christmas… Bing Crosby lets us all dream again of a white Christmas, as his crooner voice belts out the classic tune from this hit from the 1950s. Still a great film, more than half a century on.

9.      On Her Majesty’s Secret Service… Christmas isn’t Christmas without a bit of Bond, and while there is no better 007 than the late, great Sean Connery, we think it only fitting the often maligned George Lazenby gets his place in the sun. This year, at least.

10.  Krampus… based on an Austro-Bavarian character from ancient folklore, this is a film well worth watching.