Sports fans are the big COVID winners
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Sports fans are the big COVID winners

Sports fans are the big COVID winners

We might not like being denied the opportunity to watch live Premier League football – but there is one positive outcome from the COVID crisis:  fans of all 20 top-flight English clubs have saved four-figure sums by staying at home and watching their heroes on TV.

The biggest winners from the nine-month live match ban are long-suffering fans of Mike Ashley’s Newcastle United. For while they may not win trophies on the hallowed turf of St James’ Park, away from the pitch, the average Magpies fan is more than £1,800 better off.

Not far behind are supporters in the south-east who follow the fortunes of Arsenal, Tottenham and Brighton, for they are all more than £1,500 better off due thanks to the impact of the current pandemic.

“We crunched the numbers and found the average Premier League fan will be making a 70% saving by simply staying at home and watching games on the telly,” revealed Peter Watton, a spokesperson for the company that commissioned the research.

Obviously, most fans would gladly sacrifice their hard-earned cash for an opportunity to return to the terraces and cheer on their beloved team.

But with that unlikely to happen again now for several months, at least the average supporter has got something to cheer about. After all, clubs are criticised every year for the cynical exploitation of their most loyal supporters.

But, right now, that is something that is not happening. Far from it.

According to the research compiled by Peter Watton’s team, even the fans who are saving the least are more than a grand better off.

Midlands clubs Aston Villa, West Brom and Leicester City fare the worst from the research – yet even the average Villain fan is £1,017 better off.

“That’s almost enough for us to buy two centre forwards,” commented one humorous Villa fan on social media when he heard the glad tidings.