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The Top Man Caves

The Top Man Caves

The guys at WhatShed know how in this crazy world of ours, a guy having his own little space is something that most men really want. A man cave. It is something that all men aspire to have and some are lucky enough to make it happen. No matter if it is filled with booze, video games, a huge TV, sports memorabilia or a super-secret hidden area so they can hide from the wife when they have accidently trod mud through the house. To help give you some ideas, inspiration and just some general pointers on the kind of things you can do with your man cave, WhatShed have scoured the internet and found these awesome man caves.



MAN CAVE 1: Spurs Dream Room

First man cave we have is from a gentleman called Darren Stamp who is a lifelong Tottenham Hotspur fan and spent over four years of his life putting his man cave together. With a fully stocked bar, pool table and Tottenham Hotspur memorabilia all over the place, this is one really cool man cave. We really like the blue lighting that he has used on the bar as it really looks great and goes well with the Spurs theme. One of the things that is great about this man cave is not just all the toys, like the big TV and table football, it is the way he has managed to give it a really classy look too. Going the classy and elegant way as well as being fun is great for getting the other half on board.



Man Cave 2: A Simple but Cool Guys’ Lodge

Next up we have this fantastic barn conversion from Ben Williamson who hails from Essex. He took a normal shed and converted it into a fun and relaxing place for him to escape to. Sometimes less is more and we really like the rather laid-back and simple look that he has gone for with this man cave. He has a pool table, dartboard and a tremendous wooden bar. Sometimes blokes can really overload their man cave to the point where moving around is hard to do, but we feel this one here is nice and spacious and would be perfect to have the guys round for a few beers and a couple of games of pool.



MAN CAVE 3: To Boldly Go Where No Man Cave Has Gone Before

Tony Alleyne from the USA is one of the biggest Star Trek fans in the world. Just how big a Star Trek fan is he? Well, he designed his man cave all around it. This is the kind of thing you have to repeatedly look at as you would swear it is a set from an upcoming Star Trek movie. Tony really did an incredible job in making this look like a room (or should we say bridge) from the Enterprise. We love how some people have these themed man caves and Tony’s was one of the best we have ever seen. What is sad is that Tony went through a divorce and had to sell of most of his Star Trek collection to pay off his bills. Still, the images remain online to inspire you that you can make your dream man cave, and also to make sure you keep your wife happy.



MAN CAVE 4: Pinball Wizard

Here we have Adam Wells from Crawley who is a lifelong pinball and video game fan. Making a games room seems to be one of the ‘in things’ when it comes to man caves these days. But we think it is really cool how it is mainly pinball machines that Adam has filled his man cave with. It is not just the great selection of pinball machines that he has in his man cave that makes us green with envy. It is also the very smart way he has decorated it. He has pinball-inspired decorations on the wall, such as that awesome Iron Man back box light he has made. This is the kind of place we would love to spend a few hours, but if Andy does not have the machines set on free play we may have to borrow a few 50 pences.



MAN CAVE 5: A Retro Arcade of Awesomeness

One of the things we really love about Mat Corne’s man cave in Stoke is just how classic it is. Mat is a retro gamer who loves old consoles, but more importantly you can tell he has a love for the old arcades, not the junk that is classed as an arcade these days. This is what drove Mat to make this epic games room. He loves to host game nights here for friends and family, and he has a big score board to show who is the best player. As he has such an amazing mix of games, ranging from fighting games, shooting games and driving games, there is something here for everyone. While the games themselves are really cool, we must say we think the retro posters and video game memorabilia are also a very nice finishing touch and show you that it is the little details that can help finish off a man cave.



MAN CAVE 6: Enter the Bat Cave

There are few Bruce Waynes in training who have built their very own Bat Caves, but we think there is something really cool about Darren Wilson from the USA’s Bat Cave. Darren actually had to give up creative control on the rest of the house to be able to do this, but it was well worth the trade and something to consider if you are having a hard time convincing your better half you need a man cave. Darren has over 20 grand’s worth of Batman memorabilia and wanted a cool space to keep it. Rather than just go for a standard man cave with some Batman posters, he literally created himself a Bat Cave. This is awesome and we really love how he has used papier mâché for the roof to really make it look like a Bat Cave.



MAN CAVE 7: Home Theatre & Bar

We found this fantastic man cave on YouTube by a YouTuber called Kobievids from the USA. This is a really classic kind of man cave. A man cave that is not overly huge, but it has all the things you need to relax after a hard day’s work. First thing that catches our eye is the bar. He has done an amazing job in really making sure his bar has that old-school pub kind of look to it. Plus, like any good pub, you can see there is a ton of great booze behind the bar. He has a large projector screen for movies and live sport and a nice big comfortable sofa. If you want a man cave that is not over the top, affordable and is not going to require the DIY skill of Bob the Builder, then this is a man cave that you should use as your inspiration.



MAN CAVE 8: A Pub in Your Own Home

Many man caves will have a bar, but Simon Randall went one step further and made a full-on pub. That is right, he has all the things that you would expect in a pub. There is, of course, a fully stocked bar, pool table, dartboard, large TV, juke box and everything else you would need for a rocking good night. It is not just the stuff that is in here, it is the way Simon has organised and decorated it. There is all kinds of cool memorabilia over the place, a special big thumbs-up goes to that fantastic Budweiser light over the pool table. There is just a ton of little details all over this man cave and we would love to get in there and spend a few hours checking them all out. While helping ourselves to some of the good stuff behind the bar, of course.



MAN CAVE 9: Not a Man Cave, but a Couple Cave

This is a great concept as it is not just a man cave, it is a couple cave, as it was designed by Mark and Siobhan Hughes from Scotland. They did a really great job with this and we love the elegant look of it. They, of course, have some nice comfy seats and a good TV, but we must say that silver and black pool table is especially eye-catching. But that is not the only thing that makes this such a great man cave. Mark and Siobhan made sure they had a nice decking area just outside the cave. This way when the weather is good they can crack open those large doors, let in some fresh air and actually be able to have some summer fun in their couple cave as well.



MAN CAVE 10: A Cinema in Your Garden

OK, so calling this a ‘man cave’ is a stretch, but we felt we had to include this on this list, as ‘epic’ is the only word to describe this. Anderson Jones made national news when he unveiled his cinema that he built in his back garden. Not just a man cave with a huge screen, but a full-on cinema with a concession stand, toilet and a proper projector. This thing here is just incredible and while it cost him a fortune to do, we feel that it is one of the most impressive man cave-type structures we have ever seen. It also serves as great inspiration to you guys looking to build your own man cave that no dream is too big.